A very applied


A little bit about me ...

I am a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and a member of the Waves and Solid Mechanics group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool. My research interests primarily lie in the study of dynamical problems across a broad range of multi-scale physical systems; this includes homogenisation, cloaking, fracture, wave propagation, and localisation in solid mechanics, electromagnetism, acoustics, fluid mechanics, and (more recently) geophysics. 

Away from Mathematics

Away from mathematics I enjoy reading (a lot), listening to music (a lot), and wandering around with a camera and taking (a lot of) pictures. I am also quite fond of these two wonderful ladies...


Waves in multi-scale  multi-physics media


My research

I like to say that I am a very applied mathematician, which basically means that I look at physical problems from the point of view of mathematics. I use and develop new mathematical techniques for the study of wave propagation, localisation and fracture in complicated materials. Although I primarily work with mechanical waves, I also have interest in electromagnetic and acoustic waves, as well as fluid mechanics.

I am currently working in several broad areas including cloaking (making things invisible), localisation (concentrating waves and in a finite area), fracture (how complex material break and fail), homogenisation (approximating complicated materials and phenomena by simpler ones), controlling waves, and mode-conversion (changing one type of wave to another). You can read more about my work in my papers.