This is where I put everything that doesn't belong somewhere else. This page is likely to be updated aperiodically.

About this website

This website is coded with my own fair hands, using the Boostrap framework, and is hosted on Cloudflare Pages. This website also makes use of Bootstrap Icons and Font Awesome Icons. I use Calendly for arranging meetings.


Unless you book a meeting with me, I do not collect any information from visitors to this website. However, when you visit this website, Cloudflare may process certain information in relation to you as an “End User” in accordance with their Privacy Policy. The information processed may include but is not limited to IP addresses, traffic routing data, system configuration information, and other information about traffic to and from this website and associated applications, and/or networks. If you do book a meeting with me, then Calendly will collect and process certain information about you in accordance with their Privacy Policy. In addition, Font Awesome (and their content delivery network providers) may collect data about you for their own purposes in accordance with their Privacy Policy.