Here is a selection of talks I have given in the past as well as any talks I will be giving in the near future.


upcomming talks


Invisible Mathematics

British Science Festival 2017
Tuesday 5th September
Westlain 100
University of Brighton

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Invisibility cloaks have been created for light, sound and water. If we can make all these invisible, what else can we design cloaks for? It was once hoped that invisibility cloaks would allow us to protect buildings from earthquakes, but it was deemed impossible. Daniel Colquitt demonstrates how mathematics provides us with an elegant solution.


Selected presentations

3rd Workshop on Seismic Metamaterials. University of Bologna (May 2017)
The mathematics of seismic metasurfaces

Metamaterials beyond photonics. International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh (June 2016)
The foundations of seismic metamaterials: Plates and Half-spaces

British Applied Mathematics Colloquium. University of Oxford (April 2016)
The mathematical foundations of seismic metamaterials

Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar. Department of Mathematics, Brunel University (21st January 2016)
The control of elastic waves by multi-scale elastic metamaterials

9th European Solid Mechanics Conference. Madrid, Spain (July 2015)
Homogenisation for Elastic Metamaterials: Structured Surfaces and Lattices

Elasticity Day Meeting 2015. Keele University (June 2015)
Perfect Platonic Cloaking

International Congress on Ultrasonics. Metz, France (May 2015)
Cloaking and transformation elastodynamics for elastic plate

13th International Symposium on Continuum Models and Discrete Systems. University of Utah (2014)
In-plane Rayleigh-Bloch waves for elastic diffraction gratings

8th meeting of the European Research Network on “Wave propagation in complex media for quantitative and Non-Destructive Evaluation”. Gregynog Hall, Wales (2014)
Transformation platonics and cloaking

Workshop on  “Waves in Acoustics, Elasticity and in Structured Media”. Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London (2014)
Elastic Rayleigh-Bloch Modes


CERMODEL 2013 - Modelling & simulation meet innovation in ceramics technology. University of Trento (2013)
Dynamic broadband cloaking of square inclusions

Workshop on  “Advances in Applied Mathematics & Mechanics”. School of Mathematics, University of Manchester (2013)
Non-singular cloaking of a square inclusion with a microstructured coating

IUTAM Symposium on "Fracture Phenomena in Nature & Technology". University of Brescia (2012)
Effect of a micro-structure on the thermal striping damage if an edge-cracked slab

54th British Applied Mathematics Colloquium. University College London (2012)
Dynamic anisotropy & primitive waveforms in discrete elastic systems

Interdisciplinary workshop on  “Metamaterial structures & dynamic localisation of defects”. University of Liverpool (2011)
Dynamic anisotropy of elastic lattice systems & localisation in systems with defects

10th International Conference on Vibration Problems. Prague (2011)
Elastic Waves & Defect Modes in Micropolar Lattices

53rd British Applied Mathematics Colloquium. University of Birmingham (2011)
Elastic waves, defect modes, focusing & flat elastic lenses in micro-polar lattices

The Institute of Mathematics: “Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today”. The University of Greenwich (2009)
Frequency related localisation of harmonic elastic waves in stratified welds

Industrial workshop on “Waves in Structured Media & Localisation”. University of Liverpool (2009)
Harmonic Elastic Waves in Stratified Welds