PhD & MSc Projects


I am always interested in recruiting excellent PhD & MSc students. Brief outlines of a couple of potential research projects can be found here. However, this list is not exhaustive and I am happy discuss the possibility of developing bespoke projects with potential students. If you are interested in reading for a PhD or MSc under my supervision, please get in touch.


Surface wave control

This project involves the mathematical modelling and design of mechanical structures capable of controlling the propagation of surface and bulk waves in elastic solids. The project will employ both numerical and asymptotic analysis to study a combination of continuous and discrete structures in one-, two-, and three-dimensions. The research programme includes scattering, homogenisation, and spectral problems for finite and infinite systems and has a broad range of applications including, filtering of waves, lensing, and cloaking.

Further reading

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Discrete defects

Produced by R Staples in the course of her MSc dissertation.

Produced by R Staples in the course of her MSc dissertation.

This project involves the analysis of finite and semi-infinite defects in elastic lattice systems. These defects may be dislocations or variations in inertial properties and, for finite defects, will have an associated spectrum of eigenstates. The focus of the research programme is on the analysis of these eigenstates and the fields in the vicinity of the defect sites; algorithms will be developed to study the solutions in various asymptotic regimes. The research programme will involve both analytical and numerical models. The project may also include the study of edge and interfacial waves in mechanical lattices.

Further reading

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Current and previous students

Katie Madine
PhD (2018- )
Invisible Visibility Cloaks: Analysing the scattering and transmission properties of regularised cloaks

Michael Ransom
MSc (2017-2018)
Multiple scattering of acoustic waves in two-dimensional isotropic cylindrical media


Rachel Staples
MSc (2017-2018)
Cracks in lattice structures

Yifan Hu
MSc (2016-2017)
Multiple scattering by two cylinders