MATH 430


Thank you to everyone who completed the informal questionnaire. The full results, including the anonymous free text comments are included below.

Looking at the numerical responses it would appear that everyone is enjoying the module and things are going well. Most of the class are happy with the level of difficulty of the module, with a few saying that it is somewhat difficult. Similarly, the majority of students are happy with the pace of the lectures with a few students indicating that it is slightly too fast. These two points are probably linked and, although the course must proceed relatively swiftly to cover all the necessary material, I will nevertheless try to offer more detailed explanations during the lectures.

The free text comments are likewise positive. A few students have mentioned that they would prefer to have more practise questions and tutorial-style sessions. I think that it is more beneficial to integrate problems into the lectures as particular examples can be used to illustrate important points. Nevertheless, starting this week, I will run problem classes where we will discuss how to solve additional exercises and examples — but be warned — I will expect active participation!

A final comment is that this course is rather computationally heavy — even the proofs — and I would tend to agree. However, that is the nature of the beast. That said, moving forward, I will try to make better contextualise problems and make connections with topology and physics where possible.

Thank you all, once again, for all your comments. I hope that you continue to enjoy the course and find it interesting.

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