Invisible mathematics


In just under two weeks, I'll be giving a talk at the British Science Festival in Brighton. The talk is entitled "Invisible Mathematics" and will cover my recent work on invisibility cloaks in acoustics and plates. I will also touch on some very recent work on Seismic Metamaterials. Despite being a Mathematician I do, occasionally, get my hands dirty and get involved in experiments on cloaking and metamaterials.

I will also discuss "Invisible Mathematics" in a different sense, in terms of the broader theme of how Applied Mathematics underpins virtually all modern research in the sciences and how Applied Mathematicians contribute to the advancement of other scientific fields. Indeed, many people (including many of my friends and family) have no idea what a Mathematician does; this is something that I touched on in an earlier post, in a specific context. However, I'm hoping to present the life of a Mathematician in a much broader context.

The talk will be accessible to non-mathematicians, and non-scientists more generally, but - be warned - there will be some equations (this is a maths talk after all)! I've been wanting to write accessible summaries of my work for some time, so I will probably convert portions of my talk to blog posts.

I'll be speaking at 1pm on Tuesday 5th September [more info], so feel free to come along if you are attending the Festival.