A new blog…again


Having started, and abandoned, several blogs in recent years it feels somewhat futile to start yet another blog. Nevertheless, here I go again.

Looking back, I think the primary reason that my previous forays into blogging unceremoniously fizzled out and died is that I focused too much on trying to write posts that others were interested in. And I often think that much of what I find interesting, "professionally" or otherwise, others would consider quite dull. Perhaps this is a manifestation of imposter syndrome (there are many papers, other blogs, & writings on imposter syndrome, this is merely one that I have read & remember), or perhaps I am simply shy.

Previously, I have also shied away from breaking down the Chinese Wall, mixing working and play, and writing a blog on both "professional" and "recreational" activities. A combination of the dire warnings (again, there are many other pieces out there, this was simply at the top of my reading list) about the impact of social media on professional prospects and a concerted effort to maintain some sort of work-life balance kept me away from blogging about non-professional activities. However, working as an academic means that the "work-life balance"-ship sailed a long time ago, and being on Twitter and having my colleagues as Facebook friends pretty much obliterates the Chinese Wall.

So, in an effort to write more and not have this blog fizzle out and die, I'm going to mix work and play, and write about whatever interests me, regardless of its potential interest to others, be that maths, physics, music, coffee, sport, photography, film, gardening, beer, or wine. In any case, I'm sure there is some small corner of the internet where people don't find me boring!