A little bit about me...

I am a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and a member of the Waves and Solid Mechanics group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

My research interests primarily lie in the study of dynamical problems across a broad range of multi-scale physical systems; this includes homogenisation, cloaking, fracture, wave propagation, and localisation in solid mechanics, electromagnetism, acoustics, fluids mechanics, and (more recently) geophysics. You can see a list of my papers here and some recent talks here.

Information on the modules I teach and potential undergraduate projects can be found here. Information for potential PhD student is provided here.

Away from mathematics I enjoy reading (a lot), listening to music (a lot), and wandering around with a camera and taking (a lot of) pictures; you can find some of my photographs on 500px or flickr.

I am also quite fond of this little lady...

... and this wonderful lady!