A very applied mathematician


A little bit about me ...

I am a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and a member of the Waves and Solid Mechanics group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

My research interests primarily lie in the study of dynamical problems across a broad range of multi-scale physical systems; this includes homogenisation, cloaking, fracture, wave propagation, and localisation in solid mechanics, electromagnetism, acoustics, fluid mechanics, and (more recently) geophysics. You can see a list of my papers here and some recent talks here.

Information on the modules I teach and potential undergraduate projects can be found here. Information for potential PhD students is provided here.

Away from mathematics I enjoy reading (a lot), listening to music (a lot), and wandering around with a camera and taking (a lot of) pictures; you can find some of my photographs on 500px or flickr.


I'm also quite fond of this little lady...


... and this wonderful lady